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Video conferencing equipment Rental

We Provide video conferencing equipment on Rental /Hire. These Video conferencing Services are provided across India with coordinators available in all major cities, we facilitate this Rental /Hire service to client door steps and taking care A-Z required for establishing video conferencing connectivity with the remote user across India and the globe.

Video conferencing Room Services

We provide Video conferencing Room /Studio services to the user who wish have a video conferencing from our studios. We have our studio as well as tie-up with more than 20 studios across India. We also help our global client to access studios across the globe. Here the users does the booking in advance and pays as per the usage, typically it will cost a client Rs.3000 per Hour for incoming video conferencing call. Special rates are applicable for those who use it regularly

Multipoint video conferencing Services /Rental

We Rent /Hire Video conferencing equipment to connect Multisite Locations. This can be of 1+3 sites MCU Software embedded with the Video conferencing equipment or 1+11 sites MCU Bridge which is standalone device. As per the Client requirement, we rent out MCU system at central Locations and all remote Locations will be provided with Point to Point Video conferencing equipment

Use our Video Conferencing services for,

1.Employee Training
2.Executive Meeting
7.Press Video conferencing
8.CEO/Guest addressing